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Huntsville, TX

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On February 11, Mary Anne's Tribute to Mae West packed the Community Room of the Huntsville Public Library. Promoted in the library and the Huntsville Item, seniors turned out from around the area (and from local centers that cannot afford entertainment), making it one of the largest events ever held there. And Mae West, a beloved icon of the Greatest Generation, did not disappoint: For an hour the room was filled with laughter, music and many promises by patrons to return for the next show, March 18's Remembering Irving Berlin. (Huntsville Item, Feb. 12, 2015)

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March 18 Remembering Irving Berlin
May 19 Remember When… Stars and Stripes Forever

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Remember When shows are written for our seniors, featuring their music, stimulating their memories, and Mary Anne has been making them laugh and sing along for 20 years! Be a part of the fun — sponsor quality entertainment for our seniors!

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