Hello, big boy…

Here is the closest you'll come to meeting the legendary Mae West. “Mae” has wowwed 'em at corporate parties, trade shows, casinos, luncheons and special events across the country since 1989.

“Mae” sings the classic songs, walks the walk, and talks the talk—with fabulous people skills, and a full arsenal of snappy lines and double entendres—in dresses Miss West herself would approve. That's why the late Tony Martin, the singing great who knew the real Mae West, gave our “Mae” an enthusiastic thumbs-up!

Hear “Mae” with a quote from She Done Him Wrong.

For your luncheon, senior facility or library, the hour-long A Tribute to Mae West features nine toe-tapping (and rare) tunes, hilarious stories and Hollywood tales, plus that trademark spark and audience interaction you come to expect whenever “Mae” strolls in the room!

Download the full-color brochure (requires Adobe Acrobat): A Tribute to Mae West

Video highlights from A Tribute to Mae West

Are you organizing a corporate event, and anxious to set the proper atmosphere for fun and success? Then, as a walk-around character, “Mae” is the perfect icebreaker to get your guests laughing and interacting with each other—just look at the satisfied testimonials of our regular clientele! Why don't you give her a call sometime?

Interested in meeting “Mae”? Call 832.930.6294 or write to maryanne@characterstogo.com

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