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Remember When…

Tribute to Mae West

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Remember When…the 1920’s

Songs include: The Charleston, Ainít She Sweet, Five Foot Two, Hard-Hearted Hannah, I Wanna Be Loved by You, Blue Skies, Puttiní on the Ritz, and more

The Roaring 20ís conjure images of speakeasies, bathtub gin, flappers, tommy guns, The Charleston, "Lucky Lindy" and, of course, we all know the decade ended with the Great Crash of 1929. But did you know the decade started with a depression? Musical reviews featured greats like Gus Kahn, Hoagy Carmichael and the legendary Irving Berlin. Find out more about this quintessentially American decade—its music, its history, and a mix of trivia—in Remember When…the 1920ís.

This show is ideal for singing along! Lots of Tin Pan Alley standards. Itís hard not to tap your toes—you might even start to shimmy like your sister Kate!