Characters To Go has met the diverse needs of our clientele for more than 20 years. We pride ourselves in our versatility, and in helping busy activity directors and planners stage the most memorable events for their valued customers. We put ego aside—our best praise is the praise that you receive!

To show what we can do for you, please allow us to indulge in a bit of horn-tooting, courtesy of our regular customers who rely on us for their successes:

"Thank you for a fabulous performance of ‘Mae West.’ I was so excited to see you perform one of your best roles and once again to no surprise our guests raved about you. You were a great addition and helped us put the very unique touch to the party we so love.

We [look] forward to working with you in the future."

— Edie Hein, Paint Me A Party


"Having W.C. Fields greet the guests at their cars and then having Marilyn Monroe and Mae West lure them into the party was truly special.

An event must start on a high and you made it happen as this was quite a smashing evening."

— Joyce Pollakoff, Creative Printing & Parties



"We owe you a BIG THANK YOU! for all your creativity, talent & hard work this past year."

"Your portrayal of Mae West is, in my opinion, the best in the city. Your Marilyn Monroe is truly outstanding. Your quick wit is a wonderful gift and supports any of the walk-around characters you have performed for us. I must also recognize your professionalism, promptness and especially your commitment and dedication to the characters that you are portraying."

— Jamie & Jim, Custom Comedy Capers

 "As usual, you were a fantastic theatrical addition to our event!

I've said this many times and I'll say it one more time, there is no other character actor we've worked with who can pump out such pure, funny and realistic characters as you do—you have an amazing craft and it adds so much to each of our events.

Thanks again for putting so much of yourself into your performance and for being our friend. We can always depend on you, Mary Anne!"

— Sally Schwartz, Paint Me A Party


"Mary Anne, because of her strong theatre skills, her continued growth, and her ability to assess an audience, is the best walkaround lookalike I know. She and Jim Spence have worked as partners, doing Mae West and W.C. Fields for the past several years, and have continued to build that "act" with magic, comedy, and music, so that they are as tight and polished as any talent I've seen. Mary Anne also know EVERYTHING about her characters, and has worked on their special rhythms, movement, and cadences, as well as their sense of humor.

Mary Anne also has those other important qualities as a professional: she's centered as a person, she's utterly reliable and responsible, and she always treats each and every job with the care and enthusiasm of a young, fresh talent. She has great fun when she works, and that is always infectious.

When you hire Mary Anne as one of her stellar lookalikes, your work is done, and you can watch the fun with the audience begin."

— Trish Elliott, Redmink Productions


"It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for you following your truly outstanding performance as Mae West at our 1996 Food Show at the Drury Lane Oak Brook.

Your welcoming appearance and friendly rapport with our clients really set the tone for our show. So many of those who attended remarked about how much fun they had having their pictures taken with you, your great sense of humor, and quick wit.

— Joe Flesher, Alliant Foodservice, Chicago


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